Monday, 11 April 2011

Acorn Cup Mud Spiral

Acorn Cup Mud Spiral, originally uploaded by JRT Pickle.
This is a sculpture I made on the 19th March 2011. It was a lovely warm spring day and we decided to go over to Thythe Barn Wood and make a sculpture there. Richard was busy making something and I sat for ages on a log soaking up the atmosphere and letting my artistic juices get going. I noticed a small acorn cup on the ground and had a look for more, but I could only find the one! Then mud sprung to my mind, we always have some sort of container with us and I ditched the lunch into the rucksack and went looking for mud, using a teaspoon for a shovel!! I found some but it was a bit thick, water from our drink supply came in handy, actually there is a stream at the wood but it is a couple of minutes down to it and a couple of minutes back up! Drink bottle was easier! Making the mud more fluid and seeing the wonderful smooth plain beech tree trunks I set to making my little acorn cup spriral. My sculpture/photo also got into Flickr Explore on 25th March, how pleased was I!

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