Monday, 25 April 2011

far out, dude . . .

far out, dude . . ., originally uploaded by billbalance.

Billbalance rock balances are amazing!

Leaf Mosaic

Leaf Mosaic, originally uploaded by JRT Pickle.

We had a lovely quiet day at Clougha in Lancashire, creating land art. I have not done any since doing the mud spiral and I looked forward to doing something. The weather is very warm for the time of year, summer seems to have arrived early and we will not complain!

I collected some red, green, yellow leaves and some lovely mud from the river bank, it is great mud, very thick and sticky perfect for land art. Mud varies a lot on where you get it, it can be dark black to a horrible brown and the stickiness of it also varies. I should write a list of different types of mud!

Now I did use scissors to cut the leaves into little squares, I don't feel this is land art cheating even though some might think so, it is just another way of using natural materials for art. I found very nice triangular bit of rock, created my mud square and then spent quite a few hours putting on the coloured leaves!

I like the end result, the red leaves after a few hours turned brown, I will go back to the sculpture later and see if it has changed even more.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Acorn Cup Mud Spiral

Acorn Cup Mud Spiral, originally uploaded by JRT Pickle.
This is a sculpture I made on the 19th March 2011. It was a lovely warm spring day and we decided to go over to Thythe Barn Wood and make a sculpture there. Richard was busy making something and I sat for ages on a log soaking up the atmosphere and letting my artistic juices get going. I noticed a small acorn cup on the ground and had a look for more, but I could only find the one! Then mud sprung to my mind, we always have some sort of container with us and I ditched the lunch into the rucksack and went looking for mud, using a teaspoon for a shovel!! I found some but it was a bit thick, water from our drink supply came in handy, actually there is a stream at the wood but it is a couple of minutes down to it and a couple of minutes back up! Drink bottle was easier! Making the mud more fluid and seeing the wonderful smooth plain beech tree trunks I set to making my little acorn cup spriral. My sculpture/photo also got into Flickr Explore on 25th March, how pleased was I!