Friday, 30 July 2010

Mussel Shell Spiral

Mussel Shell Spiral, originally uploaded by JRT Pickle.
We went to the beach today, a few weeks ago we went to Ulverston and then on towards Barrow, the scenic route along the coast. We came across this beach with hundreds of shells, at first I felt guilty for walking on them, but there was really no choice as the sand was just covered in shells all over.

So we decided to go back today and make something using shells. I love being on the beach, not to sunbathe or go in the water but to just have the fresh sea air and the openess of the panorama of the sea views.

I set to finding the lovely mussel shells that had caught my eye. There were lots of different sizes and the smaller ones were darker in colour than the bluer large ones. First of all I started to make the spiral in just making a spiral, but then I realised to get the shape I had in mind I would need to sort them out in size and into pairs! Obviously finding the original pairs would not happen so I spent quite a while matching up pairs as close as I could. I needed a right and a left to make it work. So after quite a while of getting sorted I made my spiral.

We only saw 3 people all day and had the stretch of coast to ourselves. We were hoping to see a few fighter planes going over and the red arrows as there was a airshow going on at Windermere, but none came over apart from 2 acrobatic planes. So it was a quiet and relaxing day, good for the soul! :)

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